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DSH shave gels and aftershave balms?

DSH has been my favorite perfumer for a while. I find her colognes to be amazing, very complex and smooth. I mostly use her "Parfum de Beaux Arts" line, but I have also used some of her essence oil lines as well.

Anyway, I noticed that she also sells shave gel and aftershave balms. The site is a bit difficult to navigate, but here's her description of her shave gel:

"Aloe Vera Shave Gel: A moisturizing and soothing gel for shaving faces or legs, with massive doses of aloe vera gel and herbal extracts of yarrow, coltsfoot, rosemary, sage, birch leaf, clover blossom, nettle, and horsetail. Soft-suds formula for easy rinsing."

I'm a newbie to this whole shaving soap thing, but this approach sounds a lot different than any of the other shaving creams and soaps I've seen. What do you think of the approach? I'm really intrigued by the option of using her scents in conjunction with shaving. Like I said, the site's a bit of a pain, you have to look at the scent, and then use the drop down to se if the aftershave or shaving gel is offered... I'm mostly interested in hearing what people think of using an aloe gel for shaving...
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