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Drying plug tobacco.

Mike H

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I enjoy a good chew of tobacco once and a while. Mammoth Cave is my go to, but occasionally I will buy dark or light fired whole leaves from leaf only. I had a few leaves of light fired, mixed a little salt and bourbon and rolled the leaves into a twist. My normal procedure for chew. But then I decided to stove it and see what it would do. As a chewing tobacco it is great, but it looks good enough to smoke. Problem is it is to wet to smoke. It there a way to dry the plug evenly, or should I just cut it and let it dry for a while before smoking?


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That does look delish. Looks factory made.

Plugs were made specifically to slow down the drying out process. By wrapping it to further impede desiccation sailors could keep it fresh for months.
I slice, rub out then dry when I smoke plugs.
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