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Drying brushes in a wood stand

I have always had a metal strand for my brushes and I have always let the brushes dry while hanging in the stand. I do shake them gently and give them a squeeze in a towel before hanging.

I am switching to a wood stand. Do I need to do anything differently? Will the wet brushes against the wood be a problem?
I used to hang my dozen brushes bristles down from a rubber stamp carousel. Then I decided that once 24 hours have passed, there's no benefit to continued hanging like that. Now the carousel is dedicated to razors plus the most recently-used brush, and the rest of the brushes are standing on their handles in a spice rack. I'm going to fabricate a spring clip (out of the stainless steel strip from a retired windshield wiper blade) that will hold the one drying brush, and the carousel will be just for razors.

If you dry the handle with a towel and the knot doesn't touch the wood,, I don't see how it could harm any surface.

Waiddaminnit - you mean a single brush stand, like this sort of thing, right?

A properly-designed stand should not allow the knot to touch any part of the wood, so it shouildn't be a problem either.
It is like the picture you posted, but for multiple brushes. It has U-shaped cut outs.

I guess I will have to wait until it arrives to make sure there is some clearance. If it is thight, I guess I have to let the brush dry standing on its handle and then rack it when it’s dry.



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If it is made properly and has a good water repelling top coat then all should be well. Enjoy, it should look good.
It shouldn't be a problem. I don't think it's a problem just to turn the brush upside down on its head (assuming the head is flat). Evaporation works the same regardless of brush orientation.
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