Dry, sore skin under moustache.

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    Hello all,

    I'm actually bald-faced currently because of this very issue, but I have a couple of weeks until I start at my new job and figured I'd grow a beard out in that time.

    In the past I always got dry, flaky skin under my moustache. Even when clean shaven it's an area I have to moisturise or it dries out, I'm just not sure how that would work with a beard.

    I don't have a long beard by any means, just around my mouth and chin and keep it quite short, but it does bother me how blotchy my skin looks under the hairs in addition to the dry and flaky skin.

    Do I need beard oil?

    Many thanks!
  1. Beard oil may well help. I make my own

    50% Fractionated Coconut Oil
    25% Golden Jojoba
    25% Argan oil

    I did have some skin issues when I first started growing my beard/moustache longer, and that oil blend made a very positive difference for me. A soft pure bristle brush (I use a Kent brush) can help too.
  2. +1
    Beard oil both conditions the hair, and the skin underneath. The brush exfoliates the skin.
  3. Thanks chaps!
  4. Mine did the same. I’m talking big flakes. Get some selsun blue. That’s what my dr told me to do. Stopped it in it’s tracks.
  5. Yeah, never thought of it, but they do call it beardruff in a lot of places.
  6. @Clay S Give it a try. I shaved mine completely off and was smothering it with cocoa butter lotion. I tried the selsun blue.... no trouble since. I started using it every other day now I use it a couple days a week. It smells like listerine to me. Lol. It works though. I wear black a lot and I was flaking all over my shirts. Now I’m all black and not dry skin on my shirt
  7. I had a similar thing happening around the top of my sideburns.
    I went at it for a couple of days with Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 (shampoo plus conditioner) and a nail brush, and it cleared right up.
    The product did exactly what they said it would do, Who'd a' thunk it?
  8. Sounds like seborrheic dermatitis (aka "dandruff"). It presents as red, blotchy, flaky patches in areas around the nose and eyebrows, and under your moustache and beard, as well as on your scalp. I control mine by using Head & Shoulders, and, about every two weeks, Nizoral. Works fine, as I use the shampoo to wash both my hair and my Van Dyke and face. (Selsun works fine, too.)

    I also use H&S conditioner as a pre-shave and beard conditioner. Works well in those roles, plus it provides an extra measure of protection against SD.

    Hope this helps you.

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