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Drippers vs tanks - which do you prefer?

For those of you who have tried both, which do you prefer? I ask because I started off with a tank and my tech tendencies immediately swerved me towards a drip atomiser. Having owned this thing for less than a week I can confidently state that I absolutely prefer the performance to an RDA - far, far more vapour. Far, far superior flavour. Far, far more build options. Apart from the necessity to add more juice every 10 or so uses I believe these things are superior in every way to a tank. The question is, which do you prefer and why?
I prefer RDA over a RTA. I currently have a Sigelei 150w and a Science Vapor mech mod with a mad hatter RDA on it. I prefer to drip a lot more than use a tank (I had a Kangertek RTA). Depending on the build, you get a lot more of the clouds everyone wants, the flavor is way better, and its just way easier to maintain in my opinion. I am currently running dual 24g twisted coils 5 wrap. Now, for a tank, I think it is way easier to have on maybe a road trip or bring to a bar so I do not have to fumble around while I have a few black and tan beers in me. The juice I have been using is Nicks "Swag" and it is by far the best custard I have tried. Currently I have been vaping for 2 years. Hope this helps you out!
All depends on the tank your are talking about. Are we talking about coiled tanks or Dual Coil Tanks? All my builds are built at .5 ohms, because for me, it gives me the best cross between vapor and taste.

So, I see no differences between my Goblin Minis than my Odin or Origen.

Greg W.
I'm comparing two different beasts really - Kanger Subtank with a .5 ohm, single coil vs a Twisted Messes RDA with dual, twisted kanthal coils at .33 ohm. Resistances aren't too far off one another but the ability to ramp up to 100w with the RDA with no burning wipes out the Subtank. I'm going to try the Kanger with a twisted coil to see how it performs.

Prof. Moriarty

Love my drippers, however they are quite inconvenient for out and about. Have a TFV4 for that, and am awaiting a custom built squonker that may or may not arrive one day in the future :lol:
Preference is for drippers but I mainly vape in the house. I've come to prefer drippers for out and about too mainly due to the smaller profile, mod+dripper in one pocket and bottle of juice in another - both my tanks when on mods are just a little too tall to be pocket friendly. When out I use drippers much like I used roll up ciggarettes: take a little time out, fill her up, vape till almost dry, stop.

I'm vaping on my Cthulhu RTA at the moment and it's a good vape but just wasted a few mils of juice with a not quite right wick that left the chamber flooding, ended up loosing a few mils and starting again.

I prefer tanks because they don't leak. Had bad experiences with the others.
I've had the opposite and had tanks leak all over my bag, with a dripper it only takes a few vapes to get the chamber & wicks close to dry leaving little room for leakage. I've also run into some sticky, literally, situations filling my tanks on the go. If things get messy with the dripper, or I over fill, I can just pop the top off and run it under the bathroom tap...or even easily rinse the full thing.
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I really don't mind using a dripper on the go. It gives a bit of ritual to the whole experience, much like rolling up :) plus drying up the wick gives you a kind of end point rather than constantly huffing a tank until it's dry
I prefer a dripper as well. Tanks are convenient outside of the house, but just don't deliver the same way.

I've been looking at getting one of these. http://ezcloudcompany.com/

It's almost where dripping and squonking meet. I hear it has a good track record of not leaking either.
Personally, I have 4 sub ohm tanks and 3 drippers. They each have their place for me. Usually I have 2 tanks and one dripper on me at any time, but the tanks get the bulk of the use. As far as a blanket statement of preferring one style to the other, I can't really say. For me it comes down to the merits of each individually. I prefer the TFV4 RTA over any other tank or dripper I've tried to date. But at the same time, I prefer my N22 RDA over any of my tanks other than my TFV4s.

Yea my main worry is not the crash, but the publicity that will follow and feed the anti-vaping crowd
No kidding... Any time a vaper does something stupid, the anti-vaping crowd latches to it. It's like guns, but less extreme. Why are all of my hobbies hated by people who feel the need to control other people's lives?
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