Drinking Coffee from Saucers

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by DoctorShavegood, Mar 26, 2019.

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  2. I'm of an age where I'd heard of saucering coffee, but had never purposely done it.
    Of course, if some happens to slosh onto the saucer accidentally, one can not let it go to waste. :001_smile
  3. Indian Mary drank coffee from a saucer. I would see her when I went to Aunt Hazel’s farm out in Blue Jay.

    My aunt and I would then drink coffee from the saucer. We did it to be social.
  4. ajkel64

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    I had a Great Uncle who used to do this with tea. He would pour tea from the pot into his China cup and then pour the tea from the cup into the saucer. He would then pick up the saucer and blow on the hot tea before sipping it. Fond memories, thanks.
  5. ackvil

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    When I was young I recall some people drinking that way. However, I was told it was because the coffee was too hot to drink.
  6. Ad Astra

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    I learned something today; thanks.

    AA :a26:
  7. coffee must have been served at a rolling boil back in the day to warrant drinking out of a saucer. did folk eat soup that way too? very interesting re the story of Washington & the senatorial saucer. I wonder if that one is true....
  8. Alacrity59

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    As a person who drinks coffee black I can see the benefits of this.
  9. I've heard of this, but always thought it to be impractical. If I was drinking from a saucer, there would be a good chance I would spill something and make a mess.

    I bought a nice set of cappuccino cups recently, and the saucers they came with are much too flat to hold any liquid. I would assume that you need bowl-shaped saucers or saucers with raised rims.
  10. The purpose of drinking coffee from a saucer is described very nicely in this old Chevrolet advertisement video.

    The whole video is very well done, but the part about the coffee begins at about 4 min 15 sec into the video.
  11. I love these old videos. It seems like people put a lot more time and effort into explaining things in an understandable way, back then. I can honestly say that I have learned some concepts better from 1950s educational videos on YouTube than from my university professors teaching them out of modern textbooks.
  12. Sounds like might have been Elmer Bernstein that did the musical score for that film. Was hoping to see the credits at the end.
  13. My ex-wife's father did it with his tea: I always thought it quite odd, but he had many other odd habits. Marrying ex-wife's mother for one.
  14. "I wanna party with that dude!"
  15. ajkel64

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    Cool video, thanks for sharing.
  16. I guess they need to provide saucers along with the Styrofoam coffee cups at places like McDonalds. I refuse to order their coffee because it is far to hot to drink.
  17. Post of the day.
  18. Trust me, you wouldn't have(!)
  19. Then you might like these: Prelinger Archives : Free Movies : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive
    I particularly enjoy the ones about atomic bomb tests in the '50s and '60s.
  20. It was quite a common thing to drink your tea from the saucer in our family. Mainly done in your own house, and occasionally in a British Rail buffet if your train was about to leave soon.
    Part of the cooling process for us kids was to make a good slurping sound.
    My grandmothers and a few down to earth aunts and uncles enjoyed their tea this way, but only at home. Not to be done when visiting.
    I think the demise occurred when people in the 1970's started to use mugs and beakers, cups and saucers being put away and only brought out for visitors.

    Thank you for a nice reminder of the good old days.

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