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Dress Boot Suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions for a dress boot for wear this winter. I was looking at a chukka or chelsea style boot and was salivating over this boot.


Unfortunately, the near $600 price tag puts this one squarely in the realm of things that I cannot afford. I was thinking more in the $100-200 range or lower. I absolutely require a rebuildable shoe and would heavily prefer a goodyear welted example. As these would be for cold weather wear, and seeing as how I live in Ohio, I would prefer a rubber sole with a minimal heel if possible.

Any suggestions?
I have worn cowboy boots with a tux ........ there are some really spectacular boots out there. If you live in an area like Texas there are some good shops that will have a large selection and you will be able to get some of the exotic skins for the boot.
I don't know if they're rebuildable, but I've had success with boots from Aldo in the past. I have a pair that's had 3-4 day a week wear for about 4 years. Still in good shape and cost around 90 dollars.
I'm actually an 11D. I'd really prefer rebuildable shoes if possible. I'm kind of looking at the Clarks Desert boot (both the chukka and chelsea styles) now as an option. They're rebuildable, durable, well-known, and right at the bottom of my price range. Still up in the air about the suede though.