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Dr. Jon's "KRAMPUS"


Dr. Jon's new
seasonal shaving soap
is here!
Punish your bad little wet shaver
this holiday season.
Honey, Myrrh, Cider, Berries, Anise
and Fear.
Available at Q Brothers in Chicago
and at Smallflower.com.

I've tried it and it's really nice. The anise scent is dominant for me but I'm picking up the berry note as well. There's a bit more to it than that but it reminds me of the scent of the Anise waffle cookies that the Italian women would make for special occasions. A really nice scent especially around the holidays. If you want this one then don't wait as I'm told it's a limited production one and there are only 400 made.

Jon makes an excellent performing soap so if you haven't tried it it's definitely worth trying. His Hydra scent is an outstanding citrus scent that I really enjoy as well.
I found the scent interesting and when i first smelled it in its tin I picked up on honey and cider. A second smell and I noticed more anise and then on a third smell I picked up some berry. While lathering the soap and with it applied to my face at first the cider and berries were the dominant scent to quickly be replaced by the anise. Eventually a sweet anise scent was all I could really detect. I have tap water that is liquid rock so I used distilled water to build my lather. I found it has a rather large sweet spot for the amount of water it can hold. I took it from stiff and just barely shave worthy to a yogurt consistency. The razor glided smoothly across it and it felt like it provided a protective cushion from the blade. The only thing it really left me wanting was less anise and more of the other scents lingering.