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DR Harris Windsor- thumbs down

this is the email I sent to DRH:
Dear DRH,
Just wanted to share with you that I am very disappointed inthe new Windsor. Not that it smells bad, but in my opinion, it’s a clone ofTerre de’ Hermes by Hermes. The opening all the way to the dry down. I was notexpecting this at all.
I still love your sandalwood aftershave……one of the bestscents on the planet.

TdH?...that's quite a compliment! I may have to give Windsor a try. Heard it has a longevity problem, but maybe it lasts longer on clothing. I can't justify a full bottle of TdH at the prices they are asking.
I disagree. I really enjoy TdH, but I don't think Windsor is a replica.

Windsor has more floral notes to it, while TdH is a little more earthy
Is it really a clone of TdH????
Where can I sample this? I wonder if it's at Merz in Chicago - they have a lot of wetshaver favorites
I was not too impressed. But, my female friends LOVED it. Huh? They don't love any of this stuff ... they loved Windsor. Go figure.
Is it really a clone of TdH????
Where can I sample this? I wonder if it's at Merz in Chicago - they have a lot of wetshaver favorites
DR Harris will send you free sample on a wet napkin, but I found a 5ml decant from Connaught Shaving for just $5.50 shipping included with PayPal. From sniffing the bottle I don't get TdH at all, but to me it smells more like Eastwest Bottlers Moonshine For Men. I will be wearing this one sometime this week and I am really looking forward to it.

I just read somewhere on basenotes where a guy raved about this so Im interested in trying it out. Also no other reviews other than OP mention the TdH similarity.
I have DRH Windsor - aftershave only, but it's quite strong for an after shave. And I really do like it a lot.

I don't have any TdH, but I do have a sample on the way - I'll be happy to compare and let you know what I think when it arrives.
I used one of my DRH Windsor wetnaps recently. I thought it smelled A LOT like my Molton Brown Fresh Bushukan Citrus Splash, which is a good thing. It's one of only 2 or 3 aftershaves that my wife actually likes. No need to buy the Windsor splash or EdT since I have an almost full bottle of the Molton Brown, but I do want the Windsor shaving cream to use before the MB.
TdH was one of the frags I just LOVED upon smelling it, but Windsor did little for me and I didn't feel any resemblance. They sent me two "napkins" so maybe I'll try again tomorrow and see what I think on the second try.
I quite like the scent . . . I think. I'm not sure if its indecision or me working out my personal tastes (I'm new to cologne and very much in an initiatory exploratory stage), but I'm leaning toward liking this scent, though not enough to make it anything like a favorite or even a purchase.

Of Arlington and Windsor I can't really say which I prefer at the moment. I like Arlington but I find it a bit sweet, like a lemon tart or limoncello --while it is clean at the same time: a confusing but delightful hybrid, to my nose.

I may yet grow to like each a bit more with time. A fine fresh summery youthful scent, Windsor, me thinks.
For myself, both had the same longevity, which is to say that they are both fleeting. I don't mind this, as I prefer scents to be on the faint side.
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