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Dr. Harris shampoo cream

Hey everyone, I saw not too long ago that Dr. Harris makes a lemon scented shampoo cream. I'm finally getting to the end of my shampoo stash and was thinking about getting a tub, but at $14 a pop I wanted to get some opinions first, how do you even use a shampoo cream?
This is an excellent shampoo. A little goes a long way. You just need to use a small amount. The container will last quite awhile.
That's nice know, I was thinking that little tub wouldn't last that long, What about the scent, lemon cream, how is that?
A "Diminutive" tub of DR Harris Lemon Cream shampoo rests in my chrome shower caddy and gets use in rotation with other shampoos. I use a very small amount, about a fingertip scoop, and rub it in my palms and apply to my scalp and hair. It does NOT lather like Prell or images of shampoos as such. It leaves my hair very clean and smelling great. I usually follow up with towel drying and applying DR Harris Eau de Portugal hair tonic. Together they are total luxury (or apart... For that matter). The scent of the cream shampoo is like that of the zest of a Meyer Lemon.
I like it, too. I have the Coconut Oil.

I try not to spend too much on shampoo. It goes right down the drain but this is concentrated so should last longer than its size would suggest.
I too have been intrigued by the DR Harris shampoo. The cost does cause me to pause but I'm sure at some point I'll procure some. For those who've used both, is coconut or lemon the nicer scent?
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