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DR Harris Sandalwood ...

I've been interested in trying DR Harris' Sandalwood scented aftershave. I haven't had any luck tracking down a sample of it and I'm not especially wanting to buy a bottle without having tried it first. But as I'm not having any luck acquiring a sample, I'll have to rely on some comparisons. Sandalwood seems to be a really loose scent description in various products. I've tried a number of them and none of them are the same. Sometimes the same company's sandalwood scent is even very, very different in various products (esp. Trumpers and TOBS). So, could someone compare DR Harris' interpretation of Sandalwood to something that I've tried? For reference, I've tried sandalwoods by Trumpers (shaving cream, shaving soap, skinfood, cologne), TOBS (soap and aftershave), AOS (soap). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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