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DR Harris Lavender Soap smells like...

O.k. gents, I bought a bowl of DR Harris Lavender soap (I bought it four weeks ago, and got it today...:mad3: ).

I was expecting a lightly sweet scent, and was, after a month wait excited to use it. Let me say - this stuff smells TERRIBLE! Horrible! It made my eyes water when I first smelled it. It smells to me like pepper. I can't quite describe it any other way.

In your gents experience - is this brand of Lavender supposed to water the eyes? I'm frustrated that I've paid a fair amount of money (as opposed to great soaps like Mama Bear, etc...) and waited a month for the damn thing to arrive - and quite frankly I'm not sure I want to put this stuff on my face.

I lathered up just to see if the boquet changed with the lather, but it still smells terrible.

Any thoughts?
I had a puck of it once and recall that it smelled rather good. I am partial to lavender scented stuff so take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps you got a bad puck?


P.S. I absolutely love the Harris lavender cream and would encourage you to give it a try. See if the scent is any better for you.
Thanks fellas.

Scotto, I might be interested in selling. I think I'll use it once or twice just to see if it changes. If not, you've got dibs on it if you want.
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