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DR Harris Arlington

Scotto hooked me up with a 1 oz. decant of the DR Harris Arlington (thank you Scott!). This is my first time trying it - I've been wearing it for a few days now. My initial reaction was that it's very nice, very pleasant. The first thing that came to mind was that it smells exactly like Atkinsons Lavender. The description says that it's citrus and fern ... but I don't pick up the fern at all - instead, I'm picking up Lavender. The two colognes that it reminds me of is, 1) Atkinsons Lavender ... 2) Blue Stratos ... made by Shulton, the same creators of Old Spice (now extinct). Both of those fragrances are definately Lavender.

Is anyone else on the same page as me with this, or could I be mistaking the fern for lavender and getting the two confused ... ??

Hmmm, interesting observation. They are similar, classic scents. To me, the dry down is different, though, with the Arlington taking on a bit of a "powdery" note. They are more alike than different, I would say. I have both and enjoy them often.
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