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Down the rabbithole of blade coatings...

Someone on another thread said they rebadged Derby's. Never used a "Derby" blade, but guess I kinda am..Someone on another thread said Parker has their own standard for blades, since they have their own razors, why would they use just anything to put a tuck in with their razors...
Isn't Zaza yet another Turkish manufacturer?

OK, maybe I've been misled.

If you go to ..:: AZMÜSEBAT ::.. - https://www.azmusebat.com.tr/ and click on the "Product Catalog" tab, you will find a 35 page PDF copy of their catalog in your download directory (with a weird filename). I'm hesitant to upload the catalog because of its size (5892kb).

The first paragraph on page one of this catalog reads:

"From the Past,
The story of Derby, who is still ‘’ the only razor blade
manufacturer in Turkey ‘’ , began with the production of
rubber products in İstanbul Şişli in the first year of the
Second World War."

If they're the "the only razor blade manufacturer in Turkey", it stands to reason that any blade made in Turkey comes from them.

If they're lying, then all bets are off.

I would point out that various blade brands have been purchased by multinational corporations, and also that numerous brands have been moved from their country of origin.
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