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Dovo Genuine MOP Review (Discussion Thread)


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Joel said-
Stainless steel is much harder than carbon steel - thus it is more difficult to sharpen - HOWEVER, once properly honed it will stay sharper much longer.

My experience indicates otherwise. Unless you're talking about some new-fangled powdered steels or high-tech stuff like Cowry-X, carbon steel is usually much harder. Not many stainless knives have a Rockwell rating of over 60, whereas many carbon steels go much higher. I also find that my stainless knives dull more quickly.
Why would anyone put up with the added pain of owning a carbon blade if not for improved performance?

By the way, that's an exceptionally fine looking Dovo. I only have one Dovo (a Bergischer-Lowe), so I'm no expert, but your razor is as nice as any I've seen from that company.
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