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Double handed?

I was watching Lynn's video and observed he was using both hands. I just wonder how many of you guys just use single hand with straights? I never used straight and kind of very weak with left hand. Any advice?

I use both hands with a DE, but only my right hand with a straight. I'm working on using my left hand with a straight, but am climbing a learning curve.

Right handed only with straights and DE razors. If I used my left hand I'd have no evebrows and even less nose!
One key to a straight shave is attacking any spot with the right angle at the right direction. Learning to use both hands will help you achieve a higher level of shave, easier. Its possible to shave either way though. For me there is only one spot that really calls for ambidex shaving, just under the jaw line on the weak hand side. I can attack it strong hand but I'm left with irritation from the result.
I used to be scared of using my right hand but after a shaky few times at first it's now really natural.......you should try it.
"Handedness" isn't as much of an issue when shaving with a straight as you would think. Handedness mostly affects fine movements with the fingers, but blade control with a straight is mostly in the wrist; the fingers should be holding the blade in a stable and secure manner, not wiggling about. Most new straight shavers, once they get over their jitters about trusting their off hand with a dangerous weapon, discover that off-hand shaving is no big deal.
I agree that once the fear factor is conquered, the use of both hands makes for a much better straight razor shave. With the Feather AC, the use of the weak side hand really speeds up the process for me.

The first week, it was a little slower, but practice, practice, practice, as they say!

Oddly, on the rare occasion that I use a DE, I just use one hand.
rtaylor61 said:
I use both hands with a DE, but only my right hand with a straight. I'm working on using my left hand with a straight, but am climbing a learning curve.


I do the exact opposite. Both hannds with a straight, Left only with a DE. I could not get the correct angle on the opposite side of my face when using a straight.
Then you have someone like me. The middle finger of my left hand is basically fused at the middle joint of the finger; the result of an injury that destroyed the joint. Because of this I can't hold a razor with my left hand in a fashion that feels stable or comfortable. I also don't have the best motor control with that hand as I've always used the right to compensate. Using my right does make for some awkwardness when stretching skin but doesn't seem to effect my shave.
I would have never considered using anything other than my right hand when shaving with a DE. After reading this post I feel like it's my duty to learn how to shave properly with both hands.

It's like joining some kind of group of ninjas wet shaving. :wink:
I use both hands with a straight razor. I was a little nervous at first but the nervousness soon went away.

jduffy said:
It's like joing some kind of group of ninjas wet shaving.

You have just started on the path, Grasshopper. Next you will balance on one foot on the edge of the bathtub, with your eyes closed, while shaving with your left hand. After you can do that you will be ready to begin the secret 4th level, and it begins to get difficult then.

I fought left handed shaving for a while before trying it and let me tell you, better to start doing it off the bat before your habits are formed. It is much less awkward for stretching, and also makes it easier no are your face in the mirror. When I cross shave, my right hand is in front of the blade, and I'm afraid I will cut myself. That said, I'm actually ambidextrous, so maybe this is especially natural for me...
I use both hands using my DE...I am glad I started out this way, as Russell said, good to form habits early on. It's easier to stretch the skin with the opposite hand and ultimately, when you become comfortable with both hands, there will be an easy solution for every situation/angle.
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