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Double Edge razor=BBS every day.....WOWWWWWW

Guys,i have been only wet shaving for a few months and never in my wildest dreams would i have thought that i can shave EVERY DAY and get a BBS shave.
There was no way in Hell that i could shave before again the next day with a disposable that had 2,3 4, or five blades and get a good shave.
I have pretty tough skin,no pimples,no rashes and so on.
But if i tried to shave again the next day with any disposable i would get rashes,flairups, irritations spots on my skin and more.
That is why i could only shave every 3rd day after my shave.
That tug and pull really is something i never thought of.
It is crazy to me that with DE shaving you get a great shave every day and also great for my skin.
This is very hard to explain to someone as i thought this double edge thing would be wrong, until my friend convinced me to give it a try.
I agree. I'm new at this and I really feel a difference in my skin. I never had really sensitive skin either but still find this routine provides me with better skin. It took a short while though to get the angle down as in the very beginning I think I was scraping my skin a lot instead of smoothly shaving whiskers.
I've only been at for a few months and don't even shave every day, but my skin gets healthier by the day. It's almost unbelievable.
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