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Doth my schnoz deceive me? Quercus=CK one?

After going through my Penhaligon's sampler, I must say that I like quite a few of the scents. The newest ones I tried were English Fern (very classic scent, but it's just not for me) and Quercus. As I dabbed the Quercus on, I noticed that it smelled VERY familiar to me. Then I had a friend ask me if I was wearing CK one. I seem to recall them smelling EXACTLY the same. But it's been a while. Anyone else had this experience?
Did the Penhaligon's scent morph throughout the day?

I have found that almost all of the Penhaligon's scents will gradually change subtly as the day wears on.

As a side note, Quercus was the only one of the Penhaligon's fragrances that I did not find to be unique and distinctive. It is a nice scent, mind you, just not something that seems to stand out from the crowd of department store scents that seems like everyone is wearing.

Nope, smelled the same from the time I put it on. This one is the only one that I haven't noticed a change as the day goes on.
As a side note, I tried the Blenheim Bouquet today too. I've heard some people saying it smells nice, others saying it smells like rank Pine Sol on them. Unfortunately, this one smelled like Pine Sol on me :confused: The two clear winners in the stuff I tried were the Hammam and the Endymion for everyday rotations and LP #9 for night out scents. Guess it's just different strokes for different folks.
I've been trying some different Penhaligon's samples this week and I've found Blenheim Bouquet to pretty much dissapear on me, even with multiple applications, and only leave a faint cedar smell behind. They say it has pine notes, but both my wife and I picked out cedar. It's not bad, but it's not much of a scent either.

I have Quercus on today and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
Yes, a common complaint about the BB fragrance.

The Wellington from Trumpers smells like a carbon copy to me. I don't know if it lasts longer, though.

I once got Blenheim Bouquet to last almost all day with a liberal spray soaking and a gentle skin to skin press-hold to get the fragrance into the skin.

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