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Don't you just hate it when...


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Doesn't bother me. I've got plenty of soaps, lots of patience, and that beard just keeps on growing for tomorrow.


You are overdue for a shave but a stash of new shaving soaps you ordered last week is not due to be delivered until tomorrow? :a52:
Yes indeed! :a21: :a21:

But, ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder!’ And there is always another day! (And some other quote that I cannot quite remember.)
"just do one pass."

Now why didn't I think of that? :laugh:

Just as well I went ahead and did a 3-pass shave. Damn package from Sudsy is according to USPS "in transit arriving late". :a52:
Sudsy Soapery stuff finally arrived yesterday and wow do they smell great.

(Bay & Citrus, Sandalwood and Citrus with Turmeric)

Very complex aromas both of them. Damn...cannot decide which to use first. Maybe lather half the face with each? :laugh:
You are waiting for new stuff to arrive!
Today, Amazon should deliver a bottle of Bay Rhum A/S.
Between 27 Jan and 05 Feb the USPS will deliver a package with 28 tucks of assorted blades.
Borrowing from Dr. Smith on the old "Lost in Space", 'Oh, the pain'.
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