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Dominica Bay Rum Lime Cologne


Kyle this is one of my favorites of all time. I would agree on the staying power, but I live in the Houston area like you do and I often get a relapse of the scent on a hot, muggy, sweat dripping down my face day. You might see the Lime is used quite a bit more than the Spice.

Hi everybody

I'm staring to investigate new scents and experiences with my shaving, and the Bay Rum strikes me as being a 'classic' in DE circles thus worth trying. However, I need to find a competitive UK stockist for the Bay Rum Lime Cologne. Can anyone point me toward either a stockist or a thread with the details?

Thankyou :001_smile
Orvis stores here in the US stock Dominica Bay Rum in both the lime and Orignal scent. I know Orvis has some store in thew UK, but maybe they could ship to you as well. Good luck.
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