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Dollar Store surprise/PAA Doppler

I tried one the other day! I treated it like a stick and face lathered it. An amazing puck for $1.25 + tax.

I bought an extra to PIF whenever I'm not so lazy.
My daughter bought a puck of this for when she was at the Dollar Tree, and I used it this morning. Like Williams, I used it like a shaving stick. To me, it's a little softer than Williams and I don't think I can get as many shave from it. Still, at $1.25 for a decent shave soap!!

This soap lathers surprisingly well, has a slight citrus/clean soap scent (to my nose), and provides a nice lather base to shave with. Did a very nice job, especially when you factor in the price!!
Just tried this Dollar Store ($1.25, thanks to inflation) Chinese-made shave soap, "b-pure" brand. Wasn't expecting much.

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Have tried similar with poor luck- waxy, miserable soaps that washed hands but would not lather. This one works!

Simple, linear bergamot scent, but lathers quickly and easily. Used new PAA Doppler Synth 26mm. Bigger than I thought brush, but nice.

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Soap was perfect in every way, working much easier than many- put Williams to shame for that same buck.

Post shave lather peaks. For the price, impressive. 🤔 Being a hoarder, I'll probably go buy five more..

Which dollar store? I haven’t been frequenting any of them recently.
Wasn't Ivory Soap 99 and 44/100% pure? :cuppa: That last fraction was probably bug parts, arsenic, etc.

I got two more of those dumb soaps, just to confirm my hoarder issues.

I've been to two DT's in my area and all they have is canned goo. And this brush. :ouch1:
Got some yesterday. Tried it this morning and it worked fine. Top notch? Nope. But completely usable, gave a fine shave and at great price.
I've used this soap all week, and I agree, fine shave (decent thickness to the lather, good slickness, and a nice scent) at a great price. YMMV, but to me, this soap sits toward the top of the middle tier of soaps...for a $1.25!!
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