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Dollar Store AOS Trial Kit

While shopping at a Dollar Tree a couple days ago I checked out the shaving section. Usually I find nothing more than disposable razors, shaving cream and generic aftershave. However this time I also found this.
I was shocked to find an Art of Shaving item being sold there and had to pick this up. So the next day I tried this out.

Pre shave oil- After a shower and wetting my face I applied the product. Now I have never used a pre shave oil before only a pre shave cream which seems to enhance the quality of the shaving soap or cream. This did not seem to do that though. It was thicker than vegetable oil or 5W-30, had a medicinal smell and was so sticky that I had to wash my hands twice to get it off. It seemed pointless and didn't add anything to the shave.

Shaving cream- This is a brush/brushless cream and I used a brush. I didn't notice any scent, but it created a nice thick lather pretty quickly. I used my Merkur Progress with a Rapira blade and had a 3 pass shave. It protected my face well, but I didn't notice any slickness even though it combined with the oil.

Aftershave balm- After rinsing I applied the balm. It was cream colored and was a little thicker than Nivea balm. It had a weird scent that was a little medicinal mixed with a cream based sauce or dressing. I didn't care for it and it reminded me of working at Burger King several years ago. It didn't leave any residue on my face though.

Overall I would not buy this kit again with the shaving cream was the best part and only product I would want to use for another shave. The shave was just ok and I had to wipe out my sink after (probably due to the oil). I expected more from the kit, but considering where I got it from I imagine the products were a little old and might not have aged well.
Yeah, my local DT had a few of those a couple months ago. I bought one, and I'm not going to lie, unscented oil is just really not where it's at. Oil needs scent if you don't require fragrance-free due to skin sensitivity, otherwise you feel like you're just wiping your face with canola out of the kitchen pantry. In any case, it wasn't an aging problem. That's just how the stuff is.

The object of the oil is to provide maximum slickness when you're shaving; it would probably be more useful with a different, less slippery lather product; but IMO AoS cream is already slick enough for me and I would think most other users. Sounds like you didn't have much luck with it though.

The AoS lather is tolerable to me unscented. It's quality stuff, though I find it leaves more residue on my face after a rinse than most of the products I prefer. But some guys need that. I have a big tub of the sandalwood, only because I found it unused at a thrift store for two bucks, and use it on particularly dry winter days. I can't deal with it in the humid summers around here.

The balm works. It's balm. Again, unscented is just not what you want unless you are sensitive to perfume oils and must have fragrance-free. These products typically have a bit of fragrance for good reason. It's to cover up the chemical odors.

Well, look on the bright side. At least you know not to drop double-digit bucks on the stuff when you see it at Target.
I bought several of them just for the shaving cream and maybe the balm. Oil is not my thing. Perfect for travel. Not bad for a buck a box.
I had avoided AOS products due to the high prices. So when I saw the trial kit I thought I would give it a try. I was so impressed that I went online to order the full size kit!
As a side, the full size kits run about $100 but I found an Ebay seller in SC selling them for $24.