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Does this brush look any good?

EBay item:

Or clicky.

Does this brush look any good?

The seller appears to have good feedback on ebay and purports to make the brush themselves (tones-barber-shop).

Anyone have experience with this unit?

I suppose if the auction sells out shortly after this post I will also know it is ok; although not my ideal outcome ;)

I am just getting into wet shaving and am looking for my first brush as I await my new Injector!

Welcome to B&B Geoff. The seller is a member on this forum. I have no experience with this brush but you may want to pm the member with any questions.
Thanks for the fast response.

I did note that the seller was a member of the forum; which added a bit more confidence; but was hoping for a third party review.
I was also looking at that brush, I love the handle, but I cant quite pull the trigger on this one for some reason. Maybe we can get an update from Sam ( I think?) after he has used it for a few weeks.
Cheers, DJ.
Ahh that is nice to hear someone else has one.

I am totally with you; it seems like quite a good price if the quality is there.

The size looks fantastic for the cost.

Did you know if 'Sam' had a thread on this I could locate anywere yet?

Well the initial review from that sounds positive overall.

Are you reasonably confident that is the same unit (it certainly looks it).

He seems to state that wasn't his source and when I contacted the seller they said they made the ebay unit themselves.
I can't vouch for the brush but I can vouch for Tones Barber Shop. I've made three purchases with them now; a razor, 2 tubs of soap and an alum block and have no reason to doubt the integrity of theis seller. They trade from an online shop too:


It does look like a lot of brush for the money.
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