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Does Stirling cause skin irritation for anyone else?

Yeah, I'd say it's something like a dermatitis brought on by the fragrance oils? Scent is usually the first suspect in these cases or some odd ingredient, maybe look for a common ingredient if it happens with other soaps? Could it be a sort of allergic reaction(contact dermatitis) to Lanolin rather? Typed this out earlier, swore I thought I had read something about Tallow once not Lanolin, losing my mind.You mentioned Lanolin, and you crossed that out so? The Lanolin reaction is pretty rare at that even. Yeah, Tallow is usually something that heals dryness and redness, used to help with eczema...

Luckily, tallow and lanolin are awesome on my skin.

It's always the scents that irritate my skin or cause migraines, especially the strongly scented artisan soaps.

I had such a horrible run with them a couple of years back (70% strike rate!), that I just stopped buying them at all!

Now I have around 8 soaps that are mildly scented but mostly just use my own unscented shaving soap loaded with butters.
YUP forgot which one and it might have been the sharp dressed man as mentioned as that was one I tried and one of their splashes also big time
but the other samples from them did not

also found out the regular classic or whatever it is Clubman Pinaud and the VIBR after extended use got me pretty bad which I was bummed about as I loved the regular stuff

and a discontinued CC Cream Land Ho gets me sadly

suspecting a few other soaps but never got performance out of them anyway but had some serious itchy issues so just got rid of

but I do have sensitive skin cant use normal soaps to much and have to be careful with laundry detergent if any scent in that I often suffer big time

I never blame the company :) to me kinda like food allergies :) cant blame a place if you know you have them always a chance as example I am allergic to Onions (and a few other foods) and if I go out seems onion/onion powder is somehow in everything
I've had fragrance burn to barbershop and iced pineapple but fine with all the others. I probably tried 20+ scents so far and I favor the ones with essentials oils or unscented.
I didn't notice any issues to date, I have used more than 20+ different soaps from them... tbh, I can’t recall any soap related reaction of my skin...
I'd rather blame some razor/blade combos 🙈

I guess if there are issues known with one's skin giving samples a try first is the common advice.
I have only gotten full blown irritation from one, Bergamot and Lavender. And that started as a tingle but about five shaves in was a full on burn that lasted several hours. I have noticed, though, that most Stirlings leave me a little itchy, some more than others. Doesn't seem to correlate to essential oils versus fragrance either. The sheep base is worse for me. I didn't really pay much attention to it until I started trying other soaps which *didn't* make me itch. Coming back to my Stirlings it is way more noticeable to the point that I avoid them. I guess I've tried 10 or 12 different scents.

I suspect it may be the lanolin, and I may be getting more sensitive to it. I tried a sample of another soap (Mammoth) with lanolin and it had a similar effect...I couldn't wait to rinse it off my face.

At some point I will buy Unscented with Beeswax and see how that goes. I still buy a lot of EDTs from them, great company and good customer service, and from a performance standpoint their soaps are hard to beat.
Quoting myself here, finally got a tub of Unscented with Beeswax and the first shave was a success. No tingle, itch, or anything else. I'll give it a few more shaves before I make a final determination, but I'm more confident now that lanolin is the issue for me.

Also, I mentioned the big reaction to their Bergamot and Lavender-- I got a bottle of Island Man EDT which is pretty bergamot forward on the top notes and the test sprays gave my skin a little reaction. So I guess their bergamot essential oil doesn't agree with me-- won't stop me from wearing the EDT though, it's a phenomenal warm weather scent.
I have used more than 1/2 dozen Stirling Soaps; beef and mutton alike.
To date, only Stirling Green leaves me reddened - positive it's the fragrance oil for me.

I've had experiences with only a couple other soaps; as @Ckmaui stated, Land Ho Soap gets me if I'm not quick, and "Asian Pear" oils light me on fiya. Aside from that, everyday use with Lanolin (usually MWF) will cause me to break out a bit normally around the chin area.
I had a rash from Stirling's Sandalwood soap. When I read their website more closely I found out they use a unique Sandalwood source and allergic reactions are not uncommon.
I also had to quite using Pinaud clubman :( the regular one and the VIBR as both started to burn after continuous use
never noticed as I mixed things up but sad as I loved it and was cheap :)

but oh well so many other great things to choose
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