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Does SR shaving ever get as comfortable as a cartridge razor?

Congratulations on your first SR shave. As Tomo said staying out of ER is priority one at this point and I would suggest priority two is keeping blood on the inside of your skin.

As everyone has said, using a straight will be as good if not better than a cart, and practice is the key. There is a learning curve with SR shaving that probably puts a lot of people off as patience is required and your first dozen or so shaves won't be as good.

When starting you will probably notice that improvement in your technique occurs quite fast then seems to plateau for a while. This is normal and you are consolidating what works for you. I found this happened at least three times, but then another bout of improvement happened only to plateau again.

Keep at it.
I was a bloody mess the first time I tried shaving with a straight razor…it looked like I tried shaving my face with a lawn mower.

I tried an against the grain pass, and I was going in at a ridiculously wrong angle, and I cut parallel lines into the side of my cheek. I am glad that I continued on, and didn’t quit!

It gets much much better!


For me it's the post shave feeling that a straight gives over cartridge razors . I got somuch irritation from cartridge shaving I hated shaving until I tried de razor then straight razor shaving.
Does SR shaving ever get to the comfort level of a cartridge razor or does that irritation factor always remain to a certain extent?
As others have said - yes, definitely. For me, carts were nearly always a bit irritating & often resulted in ingrown hairs. The vast majority of my shaves nowadays are completely irritation-free.

Bear with it. Shave at a shallow angle, light touch, slick lather.

I'll give my now-standard advice to purchase a Feather AC razor or cheaper clone, and use this occasionally with a new or nearly-new blade (cork it first as I've recently learned).

This will let you know if it's your edge or your shaving / lathering technique that's causing the irritation.
Are you kidding? I could NEVER get a comfortable shave from a cart, ever.
they pull and tug, leaves my skin red, ingrown hairs, rashes etc.
SR (and DE) solved all those issues for me a week after I switched some 10 years ago when I was 14-15 years old.
That's just me though, I have really sensitive skin, so YMMV
I used to get ingrown hairs like crazy with the cartridge razors as others have stated. Straight razor shaving gives me a much better shave and none of the irritation that I used to get.
One Qualifier: I got a really rough beard, wife says its like brillow pad crossed with steel wool so I needed all the help I could get when it came to shaving. I have friends with very light, thin beards: if you have this, I think its more forgiveable.
I cut myself far more with the cheap carts the wife used to buy than I ever did with a straight razor. Not to say I never cut myself, of course I did. It's been a very long time since my last cut. Being on blood thinners it can get a bit messy LOL
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A cart is fine if it is sharp. A straight is fine if it is prepped well. I can get closer shaves with a straight. If new at straight razor shaving, take your time, get a 100 shaves in, then evaluate. Even start with a quick shave with a cart… it makes the initial experience much smoother. You can’t beat experience. I have rarely cut myself, even when new at it, with the straight (Kamisori is another story). Just take your time, observe the angles, don’t worry about getting aggressively close. That will come.
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