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does soap ever go bad?


I know it’s not as fun as loading directly from the jar or puck, but it’s the safest way to keep the soaps in optimal conditions. I scoop croaps and creams. In the case of hard pucks, I grate a bit, put it in my bowl and leave a little water on it in case it’s too dry
I scoop soaps and creams, with a spatula, into my shaving bowl or scuttle. I do lather soaps right in shaving mugs, though.

This is the least messy way for me.

I move my soaps into vintage shaving soap containers as fast as I can accumulate vintage bowls. I prefer Bakelite, but I also have celluloid and wood. You can see them, occasionally, in the “what razor/blades” thread.

Leftovers get grated and squished into Old Spice shaving mugs.

I have never had any soaps go bad, but I would not recommend letting anything with tallow get too warm. If it cooks, it could go rancid.

does soap ever go bad?​

mainly talking about stirling, barrister mann, mike's etc
Yes they do if opened and used, all three brands. Thrown away after two years of not using them. And Cella, of course.
But I had some new tubs of Stirling that were still perfect after few years.
As mentioned Cella is one soap that is known for turning brown and going off over time. Many people report this when they buy the large Kilo of soap since it takes forever to use up that much soap. Hell even the small tub would take a very long time for anyone that has a soap rotation of 5 soaps or more. Most people cut the Cella into pieces and put the onrs not in use in the freezer to help keep them from turing rancid. Its weord that this is one soap notorious for going bad over time yet it still seems to be a issue..wonder if they ever added a preservative to prevent this issue once and for all due to the number of people who have reported this issueover the years.
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