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Does Pre-shave oil go bad?

I've had this American Crew bottle for about 4 years (From my first attempt at wet shaving). I've been spending some good money lately so I do not feel like buying something else right now.

I really wanted to give shaving a go without oil this time, but I remember my shaves were much more comfortable back in those days.

anyhoo, anyone owned a bottle of oil for a really long time ? any ideas ?

yes it does after a year to two years or so depending on the oils used. But a LOT of brands have preservatives in them so it would be awhile.

I mix my own with Grape Seed Oil, Vegtable Glycerin, Amond Oil, and Aragon Oil.
I would imagine that any oil used for shaving or otherwise could go rancid after a time. You'd probably smell it.
Thanks for the replies, It does not necessarily smell bad now.. But I wouldn't call it fresh either...

Probably better to just suck it up and order some!
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