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Does Parker 97R's blade gap compare to any Razorock shaver?

I really like the 97R. It's aggressiveness/smoothness (better than my Merkur 33C), it's weight, balance, build quality and short handle. It's a great razor at a great price especially for traveling. I would like in addition to the 97R to get a razor from Razorock that is comparable. I already have a Lupo DE aluminum but would like to add one with more heft.
I've searched around B&B for the blade gap figures of the 97R and can't find anything. Maybe using those figures I'd be able to find what would be comparable.
Anyone know what the blade gap is on the 97R or which Razorock razor would give a similar shave?

Going from memory, that Parker has a large blade gap and nicked me under my nostrils a few times. Otherwise, it’s a smooth and close shaver. I also like the handle. I’d guess the Razorock Game Changer .84 is closest (but the GC 84 doesn’t bite like I remember the Parker did).
97R as any other 3 piece Parker had the gap significantly reduced a couple of years ago. The old ones had really big gap and were a bit dangerous.
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