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Does it not disgust you?

I think unless you shave the pig yourself there's no real way of knowing. Ignorance is bliss :)

Prof. Moriarty

Does not disgust me in the slightest. What an awesome animal giving delicious meats and then fantastic shaving brushes, it almost brings tears to my eyes :crying:
I like to think that the hair harvester is tackling wild boars and trimming them on the spot just so I can have a delightful shave. With that in mind, shaving with a boar may be the wildest thing you do in the average day.
from Wikipedia:
In many countries, boar are farmed for their meat, and in France and Italy, for example, boar (sanglier in French, "cinghiale" in Italian) may often be found for sale in butcher shops or offered in restaurants (although the consumption of wild boar meat has been linked to transmission of Hepatitis E in Japan).[53] In Germany, boar meat ranks among the highest priced types of meat. In certain countries, such as Laos and parts of China, boar meat is considered an aphrodisiac.[54]
Proof that wet-shaving using a boar brush makes you at least 37% more sexy.
Boar? no problem.
Tweezerman "badger brush" - that's a different story as I firmly suspect they get those critters in the heat of mating season... phew...
I never really thought about it, but pigs are a very useful animal. However I did a job at a pig farm a few years ago and I couldn't eat pig for a while.


Moderator Emeritus
Yep. Almost as much as taking the flesh from a boar, slicing it thinly, frying it in a pan, and eating it for breakfast.

Oh, wait...

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