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Does ebonite require special care?

I won this sweet Shavemac. Does ebonite require any special care?

I don't know about Ebonite brush handles, but Ebonite fountain pens are prone to discoloration from prolonged exposure to UV light (sunlight) and to soaking in hot water.
I have several razors with ebonite scales. The scales are decades old and doing just fine. As others have said:
1) don't leave it wet, just dry it off...
2) don't leave it in the sun shine...
3) clean with soap and water and not alcohol or harsh chemicals...

PS - That's a fine brush!
Great question. I have some ebonite coming. Very nice brush. Where did you win it?
There is a Facebook page devoted to wet-shaving raffles. I'm not sure if the B&B administration would appreciate me posting it, but I could send you the name in a private message if you like.


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Thanks for asking this! I just had an ebonite brush land and while I have had lots of experience with pipe stems (I believe our brush handles are of the "cumberland" description) but I'm not sure about getting a knot near a 3000 RPM buffer when the oxidation sets in! :lol:
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