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Does anyone remember cutting grass with safety razor blades?

Took my nan to lunch today and was talking about a ever ready 1912 i had picked up and she mentioned when she was 8 her dad brought home a new sickle for cutting the grass, the only difference with this was that it used old razorblades as the cutting edge.. I was kinda scepitcal till i found this:


she would have been using this about 8 years after the patent date.

has anyone ever seen one?

ops spelling mistake in my post title
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That reminds me of....

So, who else wants one?


Well if I was out there cutting grass with a sickle then maybe I would.
But I am not out there cutting grass with a sickle anyway.

Someone needs to invent a electric/petrol mower or combine harvester that uses old blades or something, no one does grass cutting by hand anymore. :blush:

edit: Ok, there are still push mowers out there, but they aren't sickles either :D
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I never used safety razors, but I have been told the famous Louisiana prisons would sometimes have unruly inmates cut the grass with tweezers.
I used a long scythe to cut tall grass when I was a kid. It was a tool that was probably 30 years old. I'm surprised that they made one with razor blades as it was pretty easy to sharpen with a file, if I recall. We also had smaller ones that were more severely curved, I believe.

My family was second generation Czech/Slovac/Polish (who knows really) and my uncle to this day calls a mattock a maticka. Not sure where that came from...
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