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Does anyone remember Brut Actif Blue?

It was my favorite scent of youth in the 90's. I have 2 very stable bottles of AS and cologne. It is my special occasion fragrance.

I have tried very hard in the past to find something similar but Gravity by Coty was as close as I got...and that's not close enough. The old Cardin Bleu Marine is a little more on track but just as difficult to obtain, if not more so. Brut AB was such a truly unique fragrance and they only made it for about 3 years, '94-'97. Then Helen of Troy ltd got their claws on the defunct Faberge properties and did their voodoo on the whole thing. And we got the terrible Brut Blue and Brut Black out of it. Brut Attitude and Dominant were fantastic, but they took those away too. How long were they around? It could not have been more than 2 years.

It's such an unstable world for these things. Hopefully traditional shaving will grow enough that we can demand the masculine classics we want. The drug and grocery store shelves are bare of everything except Brut, Skin Bracer, and Aqua Velva.
Yeah, I received quite a few aftershave gift sets as graduation presents. Actif Blue was the only one I liked.
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