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Does anybody still use the 3Ts, Castle Forbes or Nancy Boy?

These were the cat's meow back in the day but I never see anything about them anymore. Has the quality slipped?


I just recently did a week with Nancy Boy. Lather for days, delicious scent (particularly the signature) and fine performance.
Nancy Boy cream remains excellent. Likewise Castle Forbes.

Trumper's soap is abysmal. Their cream is still fine.
Taylor's cream remains good, too. They need to bring back some hard soaps, especially the old lavender, which had a killer scent.
T&H cream is outstanding, but some classic scents have vanished. Their soaps appear to be improving after bottoming out in about 2014.

Lots of startup artisans have entered the scene in the last 8-10 years, upending the market a bit and creating interest in "the new," but plenty of gents still use some of the old mainstays. That said, if Trumper were to use the current Harris/Cyril Salter soap formula for their sandalwood and almond soaps, I'd back up the truck. But they just want to sell overpriced junk to upper-crust guys who buy labels instead of stuff that works.
The owner of an independent online shaving site told me a couple of years ago that his orders had changed a good deal. Mind you, this is a pretty significant player in the space. He said his customers simply were not interested in the 3-Ts. That when he looked at how much of the 3-T stuff he used to order compared with now - huge drop in demand.


The 3T's are each way over a century old!
No 'artisan' can claim similar.
Personal care items will always rise and ebb in popularity.
As far as drop in quality within 3T's, I've not seen any whatsoever.
Actually, my recent TOBS creams are even superior to those of a few years ago.


I agree!

As a (mostly) hard soap guy, current offerings from the 3Ts are simply not up to par for me these days. Sad, but true!! :a21: :a21:
What are 3T’s? Trumper’s, Truefitt and Hill and Taylor of Old Bond St? Can’t say i’ve used any of them but they’ve been a pretty constant mention around the forums. I assume they’re all pretty top notch?
When I 3017 the Proraso Red, I will purchase Castle Forbes 1445.
Both have earned a place in the rotation. 1445 has a fantastic scent ant the lather is excellent.
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