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    I thought the last episode was rather good. A returning bad guy, whom I think will be showing up again. I think JW is getting better, and maybe the writing is getting some direction.
  2. I guess I liked the show more than I thought.....I missed watching it.
  3. oc_in_fw

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    I need to rewatch the season- there is usually something I missed. I watched It Takes You Away again. The first time I caught the backwards Slayer shirt, but not Graham’s hair being parted on the other side, or the Doctor wielding the sonic with the other hand.
  4. The New Year's Day episode - that's more like it!

  5. Agreed. And about time.
  6. I was thinking the whole time as I was watching the show that this is the type of thing we should be seeing every week. The show wasn't without its faults but it was one of the best if not the best episode of the season. One thing that caught my attention - when the character with the Dalek on her back was stopped by the Police he asked her if she knew how fast she was going. He then told her that she was going "X" miles per hour. Wouldn't someone in England express that as kilometers per hour?

    I'm wondering more and more why they keep surrounding the Doctor with so many people. As if three companions weren't enough, let's add three more people into the mix! The new couple look to be a one time thing but the absentee father looks to be someone who may be coming around again.
  7. No, we still use miles per hour. Our beer still comes in pints (proper 20fl/oz pints) too.
  8. Do traffic signs with destination distance(s) in England show miles or kilometers? When it comes to beer, I'll take the imperial pint over the US pint!
  9. Miles.

    Most other stuff is measured in metric though, although I, and I suspect most people around my age (coming up on the big Five Oh) always say I'm 6 feet 2 inches rather than 188 cm, and x stones y pounds rather than x kilos, even though I was only ever taught the metric system at school.

    We're an odd little country I suppose.
  10. oc_in_fw

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    And that’s why I love you guys. Great special, IMO. It’s weird- but I thought the Dalek seemed more dangerous than any other time, when it had its armor.
  11. Watched the New Years show and I really liked it. Too many supporting actors but it was good.
  12. I've generally liked JW as The Doctor, but, as has been mentioned, some of the writing is shakey, and I think 3 companions, with all their baggage/backstory, is too many. Not sure who I'd get rid of though, I like them all individually, and have a soft spot for good old Bradley.

    The NYD episode was very good, perhaps the team are finding their feet?
  13. oc_in_fw

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    Watched it again- overall, I still think it’s good.
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    new years show was the best of a terrible season which isn't saying much. They have a year to try and make it better but I don't have much hope. They seem completely committed to pushing there SJW agenda no matter what. this weeks show had the 2nd worst ratings ever and it was a special .
  15. Shrug. Country in Imperial - Metric transition. This is interesting, as I thought the UK made the shift in total in the early 1970s. FWIW, I'd say 1.9 m rather than 188 cm, but that's just me.
  16. Okay. Having not really liked Dr. Who since Tom Baker was the Doctor, I don't have skin in this game. Can't evaluate the show. Will say it's possible to do SJW without doing the "message fiction" thing. Just put the story first, and let the rest fall where it may.
  17. I love copper, polished my bowl and thought it would look great next to my sonic. Really miss the Matt Smith years lately.
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    love it !

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