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    Determined to see social message preaching in these shows? How could anyone possibly miss it? They're delivered with all the subtlety of a hammer to the head. I wouldn't say that I'm offended as much as I am annoyed. I'm perceiving messages that are obviously there, not looking for/finding messages that aren't there.
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    Maybe we can't agree that the show is still enjoyable ... but perhaps that's the point. Not that some of us are "right" and some "wrong" ... but that the show-writing has gone in a new direction, increasingly so the past few seasons ... that has alienated a significant portion of the established fan base.
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    I'm quite certain social commentary existed in the series before Jodie joined the cast, yet I didn't take much notice of it until her season started. And before anyone mentions it, I wasn't grumbling about a female Doctor, and I think I came into the season with a very open mind.

    I also completely agree with all of the comments about Jodie's Doctor lacking charisma and confidence. I'm not sure about the original series, but all of her predecessors in the new series were quite confident in themselves. How they went about it was unique to each one, but they were all smart, knowledgeable, and full of centuries of experience. I'd say that most of the time they were even a bit arrogant. Jodie's character is missing nearly all of that. She's very uncertain, prone to giving up, and her variable intelligence seems to be a lazy plot device. It's hard to believe that her character has 50 years of experience, never mind 500 or 1k+.
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    I blame the writing. I couldn’t stand Capaldi for the first season+, then he really started clicking. Same actor- had to be the writing.
  4. To be fair, the actor probably knew his part better in the last episode he filmed vs the first, and that's surely a factor. Plus, the writers got to know him better over time and figure out what did/did not work for him. But I'm also okay with just blaming the writers/producers/directors. :001_smile
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    Yeah, it is a balancing act. With the Smith/Capaldi transition, at least the companion, writers and producer were the same. This time we have a new Doctor, companions, AND a new staff. I will hang in. The episodes aren’t terrible, and from what I have seen of JW in other things, I think it will come around.
  6. I just watched the most recent episode (Kerblam?) and I think it feels like a step in the right direction. There's still room for improvement, but at least I never felt like it was preaching social messages at us. :001_rolle
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    It was a decent episode.
  8. Well tonight's episode, The Witchfinders, was the best so far with the new doctor!

  9. Promo for the New Years Day special.

    !!! !!! [​IMG]
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    The internet is awash with rumours that both Chibnall and Whittaker are leaving after the next season. Has anyone heard any official news on that?
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    nothing official , but we can only hope
    this show just isn't working imo
  12. Your post is the first I've heard of it. You've given me a glimmer of hope!

    Who's the driving force behind the PC parade this show has become? The BBC? Chibnall? Both? It's ruined the show for me. I'd readily welcome the change and keep my fingers crossed that it would be a change for the better.
  13. Thread, I let you go. [​IMG]
  14. I hope that Jodi stays on for awhile longer. I think with better writing and as she takes ownership of the role that she could be great.
    I think the worse thing they could do for the series is go through a bunch Doctors.
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    Agreed. Alan Cumming was great.
  16. Just watched "It takes you away" and was entertained. Finally had a Doctor moment, when she declares that "she has lived longer and seen more..." I felt it.
    The worst part was the Frog, I mean come on. I think taking the form of Rose or Clair would have made for a an interesting twist.
  17. There isn't going to be a Christmas Day Special?

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  18. I don't think so, sounds like they are moving it to New Years. I'm disappointed.
  19. I agree. I have this season DVR'd and watched this one last night. While I love episodes with Daleks, and Cybermen and Weeping Angles and other demons, this is the first episode of Doctor Who that sent me to my computer for several hours afterwards to read about the history behind the episode, because I knew nothing about it. I was born the year before it happened, so if I once knew, those brain cells fell out along the way. Of course, when I mentioned it to my youngest daughter, the smart one with a history degree, she not only knew about it, but had read books on it. She's never seen a Doctor Who, but now wants to watch that episode when she's over for the holidays.

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