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Doctor Who - Warning, Spoilers!

Ok, Mark of the Rani it is for tonight's viewing pleasure!
(Assuming I can find it somewhere. Hope I don't accidentally watch 7, older Kate O'mara and Mel)
I recall Ainley being OK, but no Delgado.


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Ainley was the Master having taken the step off the deep end. Delgado was smooth...kind of like the most interesting Time Lord in the world.

You'll find it on Hulu, Tony.


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At least they haven't gotten as far down the steps in the 2014 invasion. That's progress.
Well, the old suits seemed more flexible and were probably a lot easier to negotiate stairs with, the new Cyberman armor seems a bit more rigid. You'd think Cyberman technology would improve with time, or maybe these "new" Cybermen are really the old ones and those in 1969 are the more advanced model from the future! That would mean that no matter what happens in the next episode, the Cybermen will make a return!
Well I enjoyed that one. Michelle Gomez does a great mad Master/Missy! Star of the show. Especially liked the Scary Poppins bit.

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Very good, I liked it. the tie ins were thought out. good writing. ya can't help but like Michelle Gomez's Bad girl master. Now we wait till next season .
I really enjoyed the finale. Missy stole the show, she was an excellent master. I would like to have seen more of her and thought she was the most interesting character in the show. I never bought Clara and Pink as a couple from the very start so that whole aspect of the story was lost on me. I thought they tied things together nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing the Doctor free of companions & associates from the past to see where they take him. I feel like this is the point where Capaldi can really take off.
Relevant, Peter Capaldi video's a sweet response to a 9 year old autistic boy about dealing with death:

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Missy made the last incarnation of the Master look like a Sunday School teacher on anti-psychotics
Really good episode, didn't go quite where It could have gone, the Danny final speech was cool. Ending was good.
My prediction as of now (subject to change as I dwell on it):

Santa fixes the bracelet thing in a manner which allows Clara to bring back Danny at the end of the Christmas special. What I haven't figured out is which way the bracelet goes. If they have an inkling on whether or not they'll bring Clara (and Danny) back in a future episode, Danny will come back to Clara. If they've decided they mostly likely won't bring them back, Clara will go to Danny.
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