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    I can't believe it took me this long to watch this show! I started watching it this weekend on Netflix, and I'm hooked. I decided to skip the older versions and pick up at the first series in the reboot.

    I made it all the way through series 1, and am about half way through the series where David Tennant takes over as the Doctor. I thought Eccleston was an awesome Doctor, but I'm also glad to see the show get slightly more serious than farting aliens. It still has that slightly campy mid 90s scifi feel (much like early episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but I'm sure it will even out the further I get into it.

    Also, is Torchwood worth watching? If so, is there a proper place in the Doctor Who storyline to start watching? I recently passed the episode where Queen Victoria establishes the Torchwood Institute.
  1. Welcome to the fold, there's a few of us on here. Eccleston was good, but Tennant was better. Smith is either completely awesome or completely naff, I can never make up my mind which.

    When you run out, pick up a few oldies on Netflix, Youtube etc. The production values are shockingly low, the scripts are often woeful, but the acting is superb.
  2. Re: Torchwood.
    The first two series I thought were very good with the usual highs and lows. The third series (Children of Earth) might be some of the most intense television I have ever seen, and I can't watch the final episode a second time.

    Skip the UK/US Miracle Day, not worth it.
  3. Tom Baker the guy with that damn long scarf! And jelly babies! Lol, I am having a flashback. Here in the US they used to show if on channels like Channel 13, 21.....but not anymore! Then Syfy channel and now BBC America! The reboot is cool too! Amazon prime has some seasons too. K 9 now he's a dog!:)
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    Tennant was special as the Doctor, though Eccleston could have been great if given another series or two. Smith was maddeningly inconsistent for me, but he redeemed himself in the end. I keep the last Christmas special on Tivo just to watch it when I need to see some really great acting.
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    I started watching during the Tom Baker years, didn't like anything after him till Eccleston. I'm also more of a Smith fan then Tennant...

    Re: Torchwood... it could have been way better, but they seemed to start making excuses to push the "personal preferences" of Capt. Jack into the story, and it just didn't feel like it fit into the plot in any way how they were doing it. Felt forced to me, so I lost interest pretty fast at that point.
  6. Tennat... By far my favorite
  7. I have watched The Day of the Doctor about 5 times now.
    Most enjoyable 90 minutes of TV I ever saw.
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    Gallifrey Stands.
  9. beginish

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    I just turned it on.
  10. Gotta Love Tom Baker. Be sure to check out "The Deadly Assassin" if you get the chance.
  11. I started watching the one with christopher eccleston (got about 3 episodes in), and i just didn't like it. The show felt kind of cheap, like the budget was way too low for the show.
  12. In that case, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever watching Old Who. Ever.

    Budget and production was significantly increased after the first series of the reboot became popular.
  13. Yea, like I said, that series definitely felt cheap and somewhat inconsistent, like it was trying to figure out what it was. Thats probably what drove Eccleston away in the end. The second series starts to pick up a little bit more long story arcs. I felt the first series had some of that, but was mainly just "monster of the week" with less tie in to a greater story.

    Halfway through the first series, I was beginning to question how many times aliens etc could attach London and Cadriff without people beginning to REALLY question things.
  14. Shave_Rat

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    Well, honestly, if you dwell on that concept to much, even the later stuff gets to be sort of "Gee..what messed up thing in history or weird alien encounter will they accidentally land in this week?"
  15. nah, its not really a deal breaker. Its kind of just the nature of the show, because presumably that is basically what the Doctor's "job" is, or at least what he's appointed himself to do.
  16. Shave_Rat

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    Yeah, I have to allow myself that suspension of logic though... since it's often just a random jump where they run into a place they are needed most.
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    I started watching with Eccleston, really like the Tenant years too. I don't get too much into the Smith guy.
  18. Damn, I must be old - I started watching way back in the Patrick Troughton days. I've been a Whovian for a very long time.....
  19. I only ever started watching Doctor Who with the re-boot. I really liked the Eccleston Doctor a lot and was very disappointed when he decided to only stick around for one year. I wish whatever messiness was going on behind the scenes could have resolved itself so he saw fit to stick around longer. Has there ever been a definitive answer as to why he left? All I've heard is that he had some difficulties/disagreements with the people running the show but there were no real specifics given. Had Eccleston stuck around longer he may have been my favorite but that honor goes to Tennant. I think he was perfect for the role and he seems to be attached to most of my favorite moments and episodes. (I think my favorite moment was when Donna was eavesdropping at the office door of Adipose and who should she happen to see opposite of her outside on the window washer lift but the Doctor himself after years of not having seen him! The unfolding scene was hilarious!) I'm kind of neutral on Smith. They were all very good, just to varying degrees and each had their own special brand of charm. I'm looking forward to what Capaldi does with the role.

    The best part starts about a minute, 5 seconds in and doesn't even require words!
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