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Do you wipe down nib when done writing?

I just got my first fountain pen and have been writing with it a bit. It's a lot of fun.

I get some ink on and around the nib when writing. Do you guys wipe the nib when you put the pen away or just leave it be and cap the pen?
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With a regular fountain pen (Lamy Safari or Schaeffer school pen is what I use), I don't wipe the nib. With dip pens, I do.

BTW, what kind of pen did you get?
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Never read that I had to, just wondering if it was necessary :) The pen I purchased was a Pilot Metropolitan. I really like it!
I found myself wiping the nib when I fill it with ink. Sometimes there's residual ink that needs to be cleaned off afterwards.
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never felt the need to wipe .. they behave :) just occasionally because I can't stand spots on the nib

as for refiling and cleaning .. like you said there are many methods .. and it depends on what kind of system the pen you use has and how easy is to disassemble it. Also do you clean it to store it .. to swap ink .. or just refiling with same ink as before ..
On wash and refill:

For cartridge:
Dissemble to remove empty cartridge. Run bottom section of pen under running tap water. Fill bottom section with some water and gently blow the water thro the nib (others use syringe or bulb, so I may get flamed for this :)). Gently wipe with tissue paper (or just hold the tissue paper against the nib to soak up any residual water/ink solution). Air dry.

For converter/plunger:
Same as above for the bottom section of pen. For the converter, I just suck in water, discard and repeat (2~3 times). Air dry once.
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On that note, how do you wash and refill? I've seen many methods online.

OC, what ink do you use?

My go to inks are Pelikan Brilliant Black and Pelikan Blue-Black. I plan on getting Diamine Sargasso Sea. I received a sample of this. It is a great blue, and it doesn't creep on my nibs.
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