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Do you walk?

In general, I am the type of fellow who would rather recline than sit up, prefer to sit than stand, and opt to drive rather than stroll. Alas, typical old guy stuff is going on and am reduced to knawing on carrot sticks, reducing sodium, and such. Aside from some walking on the beach while on vacation, I have avoided exercise when possible for years.

My better half has been dealing with some health issues and I have been thrust into a sometimes caretaker role. It is stressful as heck!

So...for the past few weeks I have been dragging my sorry tush out the door first thing. Well, second thing, of course. About six days a week I have walked for thirty to forty minutes each morning. It has been a pretty fair stress reliever and my tummy is a wee bit firmer.

Any morning walkers out there? Any advice for a 67 year old? (No, a dog is not a viable option.)

I don't do this as often as I should, but nothing beats a walk in the woods. I don't think I ever had a bad day that began with an hour or so in nature.


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I do - typically later in the day, but have made a habit of it over the last couple years. It is good for you, mentally and physically. It takes some time, but once you can make a habit of exercise those days you don't do it aren't as good as the days you do. Winter here is problematic not so much for temperatures but the walking surfaces get ice & snow covered, but I'm to the point where I missed only a couple days the prior to last winter for weather-related reasons. This year I tried a gym with treadmills but that is mind-numbing ..

Keep it up - I'm of the same years and doing 2+ hours pretty much 9 of 10 days. No longer need blood pressure meds and in belt sizes I hadn't worn since the '60's ..
Of course we all know it's good for you plus it relieves stress. I'm 70 and I try to do it 3 days a week.
I read a study that was done about the minimum that should be done if you really want to make progress and it was determined that you should walk 2.2 miles in about 38 minutes. That is walking fast. I was surprised I did it my first time out.
Whoa. Back in the Army I think we marched 20 minutes to the mile. Is that right? My current pace is probably a tad slower, maybe a mile in 25 minutes.
I don't walk as much as I should. I have a 2 1/4 mile path around my neighborhood that when I do it takes about 40-45 minutes. Doctor said at least 30 minutes a day so I'm OK.


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Hell yeah I walk. But I get paid for it and only 4 days a week. It’s part of my job. We make a plant check every few hours and that’s walking through the plant, up and down stairs too. Since 5am I’ve walked 3 miles and 12 flights of stairs. Generally I do 13k - 17k steps a day while at work. Some days more some days less, never know what you might get in to out here. I think my best day was 47 flights of stairs and around 38k steps.

I don’t do much walking otherwise. But I do stay active around the house.
Never owned a car so walking is an integral part of day to day living. Bought a house in a very walkable neighbourhood, my wife and i could cycle to work most days year 'round as long as the streets were plowed.

In the evenings used to either run, roller blade or stair climb or a combination of two or all 5-6 days per week but the knees took issue with the abuse, so now most evenings instead of any of those there's a 50 minute to one hour walk that requires a run up a 500 step flight of stairs to get back up to the far end of our street.

The itch is still there to run and it feels great to be in motion like that whenever i do, the catch is to keep my knees happy. Until then, walk and walk and walk.

Some people like music when they walk, maybe that would help motivate you Mac. The same route can get boring so try different walks, use it as an excuse to explore neighbourhoods, simply reversing the route can offer up a whole new perspective. Some people need a companion with them to stay at it, that way when ones not in the mood there's someone else to push/pull you out the door or you to get them moving. Try different times of day, maybe another part of the day is more conducive to the activity, offer up different sites different people to interact with.

Stay hydrated, carry a water bottle if need be. Wear a decent pair of shoes with good support.

Instead of hopping in the car to run short errands walk them.

Can't allow the weather to rule you. Good habits are fair easier to lose then establish so stick with it until it's ingrained.


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69 here. Started walking about two years ago, every other day. I have amped up my routine to a combination of jogging and walking (walk up the steeper hills). Currently doing 3.3 miles on my circuit, and on a good day make it in @45 minutes...It has really helped me with health issues by keeping weight under control, as well as A1C for those of you who know about that...
Started walking in October of 2016 as part of a general fitness and diet plan. I have moved on mostly to other exercise regimens, but walking was a huge part of the early plan. Have lost an unbelievable amount of weight. I still walk on occasion.
Shuffle more than walk.

Just got back from 43 min 1.75 mile amble.

First full day without rain in 2 weeks.

I try and walk more here but 32C and 90% humidity every day makes it a challenge. It's OK at weekends or going home, but there is no shower or gym at my office building so turning up a sweaty wreck isn't a good look(!) Then half the time we have thunderstorms so double soaking as it stays pretty warm even in the rain! Life in the tropics...
It's a mile to the local grocery store from my house so there and back is 2 miles. I do that at least once most days. I go to the climbing gym about 2 or three evenings a week (especially in the winter) so some days I skip the walk if I went to the gym.

You have to keep moving. That's my motto anyway. I used to drive 15 minutes to a local park with a lake and the walking path around the lake is about 2.5 miles. I find that I have less excuses if I just walk out my door to my neighborhood grocery store.

It is a good stress reliever as well as good for the cardio and flexibility. I have a bad back but two miles isn't a problem.

I'm not a morning person though. I do if afternoons and evenings.
I live in the city and whenever possible, I walk when I need to go somewhere. Part of it is exercise, part of it is trying to live a greener life.
Honestly, if walking is the form of exercise that works for you, great. Doing pushups, situps, squats and lifting weights is still my exercise of choice; but walking can be a great form of exercise.
I think what ever exercise works for someone is great. Personally, I've never enjoyed lifting weight, running, situps, etc. I'd rather be doing something out in nature or at least something that is fun (climbing gym, swimming, or whatever).

All I can say about a traditional gym is that it is convenient. I'd rather hike in the mountains for several hours than be an a treadmill for 30 minutes.
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