Do you use your razor’s stones on your knives?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors!' started by Earcutter, Jun 9, 2019.

    Hey straight guys, do you use your straight honing equipment to sharpen your kitchen/pocket knives?

    My wife took the kids and went to go see her mom for a couple of weeks, and the first thing I did was hone every kitchen knife I had with my Naniwa’s up to ten K, then stropped em up to .25mil diamond paste.

    The things are stupid shiny lol! And crazy sharp. Each able to shave/pop hair off the arm. Total overkill, but I love it! I did take a chunk or two out of a couple of the stones though. I don’t feel bad, they are tools, but I don’t know if I should have done it.

    Do you use your razor’s stones on your knives? Or are they exclusive?
  1. Legion

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    I have a large LPB natural combo coticule, and I will sometimes use the blue side on a knife. I only use the yellow side for razors, however, because I dont want to dish it quickly.
  2. I don't, but there is really no reason not too. Most of the stones are marketed for knife and tool sharpening. The reason that I don't use them for my knives is that I have a collection of stones that I don't use for razors.
  3. I do, but only the harder ones if I have to use the same side for both. Some hones I use one side for razors and one for knives. I have duplicates of a lot of grits too.
  4. I don't because I want the edges to last longer than they would if I did that.
  5. Dcaddo

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    All of my JNATs, Arkansas stones, and synthetics are general purpose stones that get used for razors, knives, tools, broadheads, etc. I have a few Coticules that I use for knives, but for the most part they are just for razors, same goes with the thuris/Eschers.

    Which stones did you take a chunk out of?
  6. Legion

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    I used my razor progression on a Japanese knife once, just to see how it would work. I messed up the video of me shave testing the knife (it worked), but this is the tomato edge test I did after.

  7. hehe:)
  8. I have to say no I reserve the good stones to the razors and I have dedicated lower quality stones to the knives.
  9. Yes but only stones up to 3K or medium ark. I see no need to take edges to higher grit stones. Anything above 1k is for show. I have an double sided unmarked grit Japanese synthetic stone that I estimate 600/1000 grit that I use most of the time. I cooked professionally for many years. There is diminishing return on higher grit sharpening, usually shortened edge retention.
  10. Yes.

    DMT D8C, Shapton Pro 1.5K & 5K I use as multipurpose stones.

    I keep my Japanese finisher for razor use, have finished my carbon gyuto on it once just cause.

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