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Do you use any off brand razor on a daily basis?

So we all know the big names who make really good razors like Rockwell Merkur Jagger Muhle etc. you know the usual suspects. Do you use any off-brand or maybe not well-known brand all the time and get really good results from it? I was looking on Amazon and there must be 150 brands of razors and I've got to think there's a few in there that are sneaky good.
Most DE razors on Amazon are one or the other product from Baili or Weishi and sold under a myriad of labels and price points.

Other than that you can find absolute budget razors that still shave well and are geometrically sound.

Lord L5
P&G Gillette Super Blue
Yuma from Turkey

I personally like Italian Fatip‘s (Piccolo, Grande, Lo Storto) - all made from brass, sensible priced and shave very well.
Before I had my current razor, I bought several different heads (cap + baseplate) from Aliexpress and used them on a Merkur hollow handle. As far as "good" is concerned, in my definition of the word at least you can forget it. I can say that I got passable shaves for about a year that way but had to throw away parts every now and then.
If you are looking for cheap razors, @Multum in parvo mentioned the FOCS which might pass as "good" in my book.
My DE journey began with a MicroTouch One (a rebadged Weishi). I then tried West Coast Shaving's own house brand, including heads it collaborated with Charcoal Goods to design and sell. I subsequently tried an open comb razor by Fendrihan's house brand before settling on my current daily driver, an open comb Fatip Grande.

In between, I also experimented with an Art of Shaving R89 clone (I believe its head was actually made by Muhle) and both the Lord L5 and L6.

I was able to get some decent or better shaves with all of these razors except the MTO. However, I absolutely love shaving with my Fatip Grande (as well as my Fatip Piccolo).
I have two favorite razors for daily shaving, the Homelike Start 0.69 and the Gillette Tech. When I travel I use the Yaqi Tech or the Gillette Super Blue. Very good razors for their price and if I didn't have other razors I could use them every day, especially the Yaqi, great finish.
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