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Do you use a seperate lather bowl?

[FONT=&quot]I am curious of the guys that bowl lather if you use a separate lather bowl to make your lather? Or do you just whip up your lather right on the soap puck? Here is my mug & lather bowl.

Separate. I move my pucks into old Bath and Body Works moisturizer containers and whip up the lather in a textured bowl I found at TJ Maxx.
I use a separate mug to lather after I load my brush from the soap bowl. When I'm traveling, I usually just face lather.
same as all posters above. soap is in a container of some kind, after i load it, i move to a bowl.

I guess I missed the memo... I use the same, just lather right on the puck. But I'm still a newbie and learning how to get a nice lather to begin with so ignore me :lol:
You can use the came bowl. Or you can use a separate bowl. It's your choice. Experiment and find what's right for you.
I have been using a separate bowl for lathering 'forever'......and by 'forever' I mean since this morning. I had been doing it right on the puck before and today I made the change and loved it. I don't think I will ever go back to be honest.
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