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Do you still have the straight razor you learned to shave with?

I've got my Grandfathers' old razors and honing stones from HIS father. He taught me how to hone them when I was 12 years old. The first razor of my very own was an older Robert Klaas. I honed it all on my own, and shaved with it for several years. It was left in a drawer when I went off to college and was packed up for storage for several years thereafter.
When I opened it up after many years, I poured out a pile of rust. The celluloid scales had decomposed and corroded the blade away to the tang and spine. It was an absolute heartbreaker.
Yes I do. A Dorko, I bought on a whim. Did zero research and knew nothing about straight razor shaving. A few of the cooks I worked with were into it. It hasn’t seen much action until recently, 25+ years later. 3A6C2070-0746-4CFE-8DAB-13ECD200DF9B.jpeg
Still have my first new and Vintage straight.A Dovo 5/8 Best.I was lucky that it was from older stock.An Ebay purchase.The Dovo blade was straight and had a very good edge.My Vintage was a Wester Bros. 5/8 in excellent condition.It came with a shave ready edge.
Just was fortunate that I started with two good razors that could shave well.
I still have them. I bought two razors from an eBay seller in Germany hoping to use them to practice honing. Both arrived shave ready(ish). Much sharper than the first razor I bought which only just shaved arm hair. I still have the first razor too, which I have since introduced to film and diamond balsa. I still use the two razors and they still hold a fine edge. I don't think I damaged them on my honing practice.