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Do you "SPLASH-SOAK" your face?

The exact procedure on my end is this:

First application is a solid amount of A/S which I apply by slapping it everywhere and a little bit of rub

The second application is same amount, but as the face is already moist from the first application, the second one makes it truly WET or SOAKED if you wish. So I then go on and rub it ATG and in all possible directions, really making it enter the pores and with the "leftover" on my palms I go over my (almost bold) head and back of my neck... so when I come out of the bathroom my wife gives me THAT look 😂 😂 😂
You have to end it with a nice “Ahhh”.
I am friendly to the people getting close to me and wear a face mask, brush my teeth so nooooo I do not drown myself in bathroom cleaners


I don’t double splash on my face, but since I also shave my head, there is plenty of real estate for a second handful.
I do it just like the OP describes... Splash it on with reckless abandon! For me it's a single pass for a CCS with an efficient razor and then a big splash of Skin Bracer and i'm out the door.
I use enough to wet the shaved areas and a bit more. Not drenching wet, but not sparingly damp either. If it drips off anywhere I feel I put too much in my hands. If I feel I 'missed' I'll reapply. I put Aramis in a spray bottle just so I don't over-apply actually - that stuff hits like a freight train and I don't enjoy being an olfactory spectacle.
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