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Do you shave in peace and quiet or with music/radio/tv in the background?

Fairly random question...

I've noticed over the last month that my tendency has shifted to add music in the background when shaving in the morning. It seems to help with my shaves as I hit my "nothing box" easier (basically that meditative state where you are thinking about nothing at all). This has helped because I stop overthinking about technique and just enjoy the experience and focus more on the Velcro ripping noise of my hairs being reduced.

So.. The question is; what is your background ambience like? If it is music, what musicians do you find to help with a good shave?

For me it is:
Head and the Heart
The National
Okkerville River
Both. Sometimes it's just me the sound of "ripping Velcro" and running water, and other times I load up Slacker Radio on my tablet and listen to music. Depends on my mood at a given time.
Usually just quiet. Occasionally I'll have something playing and if I do it's some hard rock or metal from the early 90s.
Usually I bring my phone for music. Bit of Stones, Creedence or some older punk in the morning gets a nice rhythm going.
I normally leave my TV on in the bedroom. So it is in the background while I'm shaving. But I'm not really listening to it.

I do hear the sound of running water, since I leave the tap on to rinse my razor in between passes.
Peace and quiet for me (when I can get it). It's a moment of zen for me when I hear the blade cut through the whiskers. It puts me completely in the moment.

Having said that, my wife and daughter don't always humor me. Sometimes it seems my shave den is Grand Central Station!
There's nothing better than a summer evening shave with baseball game on the radio (well, maybe there is if you throw in some cold ones).
Mostly quite. I prefer silence most all of the time. In contrast, when I do play music, its Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, SoundGarden, etc...
It depends. I would say its 50/50. If I do listen to music its pandora - Johnny Cash station. I tend to keep it just as background noise so I can hear my DE.
Usually an oldies station on weekdays, but it was Car Talk today.

In either case, the level is low enough that I can hear how well my shave is going.
When I first started out, I tried the music route. I just enjoy peace and quiet now as life is way too noisy as it is. Listening to the razor sing against the beard is music for pure meditation to me.

Everyone has their routine but since you asked, this is mine.

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