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Do you rotate your soaps daily or weekly?

I kinda group my soaps by season of the year, lighter/citrus for summer, heavier scents for winter then everything else for spring/fall. In each of these groups I decide right before I shave but sometimes if on the last remnants i'll use it till its gone. Of course if I get a new soap I'll use it a couple times right away.

I do this also, I definitely have seasonal preferences.
Some things are better planned ahead, some things are better left to the moment.

I neither plan in advance what tipple to choose in the evening, nor do I tend to plan in advance which soap, cream or aftershave to use before I walk into the bathroom in the morning.

I allow myself to be guided by the disposition of the moment.

Makes life more interesting…

As an added benefit, it is easy to identify those products that may need to be culled.

I'm not organised enough for a rotation. I just use a soap for 1-3 weeks or 3017 the sucker if it's close to the end. Then I pick out whatever suits my fancy at the moment for the next few weeks.
I only have 6 soaps/creams and don't have any specific rotation. I just go with whatever I'm in the mood for, which could be effected by the season of the year. For example, I have not used SV Cosmo in months simply because it's a darker scented soap that's more appealing in cooler weather. By contrast, Santa Maria Novella has been a staple lately since the menthol is very appealing in the warmer summer months.
I go with whatever the mood strikes. About four or five I use once a week or so, then there are a couple of others that I go to once in a while. Anymore than that I start FOMOing about a soap I could be using.

More power to all of you who 3017 one soap/cream or go a week or more without switching. I should do that as a challenge but then I would struggle to pick which one to go with.
I have so many soaps that I divide them into three groups. I consider the group of my favorite soaps (based on both performance and scent) and consider them to be my rotation. However, I do not use them in a specific order. For each shave, I pick the one that feels right for the occasion. However, I set that soap aside and will not use it again until the other soaps in the group are used. It will take me about four months to go through the soaps in one group.

Occasionally, I will take a soap from my second group and include it in the rotation. The third group consists of my least favorite soaps. I do not plan to use them unless I live long enough to use up all the soaps in the first two group. However, I doubt I will live that long.
Most of the time I use only Cella EEP, because of the scent, feel and performance.
On two or three days of a month I choose a different one (ToOBS, Proraso, Meissner, Speick,Arko) because I need a "new" scent.
I implement a feeling based rotation :D that means I use whatever I feel like using. Sometimes that means I will use one soap for a few shaves in a row and sometimes I use different soap every time.
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