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Do you rinse between passes?

Between the 1st and the 2nd pass, which for me is WTG and XTG, I wouldn't fully rinse my face, more like splash it and massage back in what's left of the lather before re-lathering for the 2nd pass.

After the XTG, I would completely rinse my face, re-apply whatever pre-shave I am using and lather up a thinner, wetter layer of lather for the final ATG pass. Since I shave with a SR, my objective is to have a very sleek surface for that final pass, to effortlessly glide the blade across my face.
Only right before the last touch-up pass - by this time my lather has gotten a little thicker and the rinse helps thin the lather a tad, kind of like when Bob Ross added that coat of Magic-whatever to his canvas.
Yes. Usually I use the soapy water from the sink, so that I don't lose any slickness. I might also rinse my hands afterward in the non-soapy water from the faucet, so I can grip my razor better. This is a good idea with smooth-ish razors like the Merkur Progress.


No rinse between passes for me. I just haven’t found much advantage to adding the extra steps.
I usually do, but not always. If I notice a weeper, I'll definitely hit my face with some cold water to hopefully close it off before I relather, but I don't usually get one of those until the third pass anyway. I no longer do four passes, and most of the time two gets the job done just fine. I just don't need the higher risk of irritation, nicks, or weepers.
Considering that after each pass
the skin is full of, unseen to the naked eye ,shaving debris ( skin cells ,hair particles ,sebum,other various forms of life indigenous to human skin ,dirt that was pulled out of skin pores ,etc) , a face rinse before proceeding to the next pass should be regarded as rather obligatory ,for a handful of reasons.
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I do a light rinse to feel areas that need more work and I think it helps hydrate the lather for the next pass.
I rinse with cold water after each and every pass.

I think I've been posting on the "badger and blade" related threads a bit less but this one got my attention and thought I'd give this ago. The idea of a quick cold water rinse btwn each pass has been a game changer for me. I am doing better with a shave rinse shave than I was previously doing with a three pass no rinse approach in terms of smoothness and certainly less irritation.

Would not argue I am BBS everywhere - that is something I can only do w/ a face inflamed (3 pass heavy pressed) pro glide right now - but everywhere but under the jawline (and even there close enough for 0 irritation ).

I rinse after every pass except for today. I was almost through my second pass when I realized I had not rinsed. I felt like a heretic! Rinsed after the second pass and the third pass was so nice.
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