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Do you remove your SE blades between shaves (AC)?

I used to do nothing with my Feather AC, but it was getting clogged with soap and was affecting the shave.

So now after the shave I loosen it, give it a thorough splashing in the sink until all the soap and whiskers are washed away. I then put it away still loose, to more easily dry.

It solved the clogging problem and I don't see any corrosion problems.
The main reason I disassemble my Occam or Hawk is to strop the blade for my next shave.

Disassemble, rinse, palm strop both sides, reassemble.

Not sure if it makes a better shave but I like to think so. I do this for my DE’s as well.

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It's very rare I remove a blade from a DE, SE or Injector Razor until it's time to change the blade. If I see on a DE razor it hasn't rinsed clean, I may take it apart, rinse the blade, pat it dry and put it back in but again it's rare. When I change the blade in a DE, SE or Injector I do a quick cleaning of the razor.
I will choose different razors according to soap, cream, gel and oil. The injectors will not touch cream, oil and other products that are difficult to clean. Besides, I will take out the blade every time I finish shaving.
I leave them in the razor, and simply rinse the razor (with blade in it), shake, pat dry with a towel, and blow through the openings a couple of times to help remove most of the moisture. - Only exception is to really clean my OneBlade or Flip-GEM under the blade, which seems to accumulate a coating, I'll occasionally pull the Feather/GEM blade, hit it with an old toothbrush, and reinsert the blade once I follow the pattern above.

Most of the 3-piece razors don't get sufficient residue between the blade and razor to worry about, so I don't.
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I always do for carbon GEM blades but I've started to do it more for all my razors since I've noticed that I was getting soap buildup and it might have affected the shaving performance. I also make sure I clean and dry my RR SS razors since they are bare metal and will develop tea stains, as I found out with my Mamba.
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