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Do you remember when you started shaving and what you used?

I started in the mid 60's. It was a Gillette TTO and Foamy. That's all I know for sure.
And I remember nicks and pieces of toilet paper on my face frequently. :lol1:
This would be me. I used whichever TTO was free with the blades. Yes kids, there was a time when razors we pay $10+ for were free! Tried an injector, Techmatic, carts and disposables. Went back to the carts (Atra) and used it up until I rediscovered DE shaving. Canned goo until I found soaps and brushes. I keep the Atra for when I need to carry on, but do my best to not have to because I want my DE kit!
Started shaving around 2004 or '05. Then it was the green & black, vibrating Gillette M3 Power razor and the canned gel by Gillette.
It wasn't until October of 2016 that I learned of traditional wet shaving with de, blades, lather, etc... Then at Christmas of 2016 I got my very first de razor- Merkur 34c, based on Nick Shaves YouTube review. Now I have 4 awesome vintage Gillettes to go along with the 34c!
I started shaving about 20 years ago with a Gillette Sensor 2 and canned foam. I've tried a lot of different gels, oils, creams, etc over the years and found wet shaving and B&B about 5 years ago with a EJ DE86, brush, soap/cream. I still use my original DE86 5 years later after trying several other modern and classic DE razors.
A stiff breeze could have blown the fuzz off my face in the mid 80s. I started shaving with those horrible throw away BIC razors, there was always a bulk pack of them in the medicine cabinet I seem to recall for shaving my elder sister's legs. I didn't even use shaving foam, just rubbed a bar of imperial Leather onto my spotty fizzog. No wonder I had a face like a baboon's bahookie in my teenage years


as a little fellow my parents would let me use a razor without a blade and shaving foam. It would have been our 1957 Tech and whatever brand of foam was on hand. When I first started using a real razor would have been in the mid 1970's and that would have been the Super adjustable again with canned foam. When I was 16 or 17 I switched to a Trac II and stayed cartridge until about 5 years ago when my mom downsized into a condo. We were cleaning out the house and I cam across the 1957 Tech and the 1969 Super and started using those again.
I started shaving the summer of 1978, which was my freshman year of high school. I initially used my fathers DE, which I think was Gillette (almost positive). Then I switched to some cartridge, which sucked. I just thought it was easier and less hassle at the time. If I only knew then what I know now...
#135 responses and I don't think one person has yet said a straight razor
Because none of those guys lived to tell the tale! :lol:

Just kidding. But really, I imagine just about anyone who learned how to shave after WWII (in the US, at least) learned on something more "modern" than straights. So most of the folks old enough to fit that criteria probably don't browse shaving forums. . .

As for myself, I started in 7th or 8th grade (2005? I'm too lazy to do the math) with an inexpensive electric. I think it was a single foil Braun and it definitely used AA batteries. At that time 50% of my limited growth was coming out of a single mole on my cheek but it was already pretty dark, thick, and grew surprisingly fast. By 9th grade there was too much growth and any attempts to shave it close (even by the definition of an electric) were met with a horrendous number of ingrowns. Carts might not have been quite as bad for ingrowns, but they added quite a few minor cuts. . . Needless to say, I didn't start seriously pursuing clean shaves until I found B&B. You wonderful, filthy enablers. . . :thumbup:
That's a good question! When I was a kid (in the 50s and 60s) there was no internet, so any buying would have to be done locally...like at the drugstore or grocery store. You could order stuff from catalogs, I guess, but I don't know if blades were available from places like Sears or Wards. I have no memory of how I obtained blades. I hope others have a better memory than I do.
Me wilkinsin Sword,Including Wilkinson Sword Shaving cream (Aerosol).

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
It would have been the late 90's for me. BIC disposables and Barbasol Cream. Once I got the hang of it, switched to a Mach 3 and gel.
1956 or 1957; my dad made me use an electric because he thought if you started with one you could use one for the rest of your life. After 3 or 4 months he let me switch to his Gillette, TTO, and Rise canned foam. With the intro of the "Super" blue blade I thought wet shaving had reached its zenith.
Back in 1987 my father handed me a Gillette Super Adjustable as a birthday present. He gave me some tips (blade loading, adjusting , don't shave atg , no pressure , take your time blah blah blah ) and loaded a Bic Astor blade , adjusted the razor to first setting :001_tongu and used a Gillette can of goo... and there it goes . Off course i only had peach fuzz... but boy did i feel like a man the first day i shaved :2guns:. Had this razor for 30 years and it gave wonderful shaves.
I started with a Gillette Trac II and Rexall Redi Shave back in 1982. Its funny, I was just cleaning out an old box of stuff and found a brand new pack of carts for that Trac II from Payless Drug (now Rite Aid). But look as I might I could not find the razor itself.
I started shaving during the first year of university. I still remember going to Target and not knowing what razor or foam to buy. I decided on some of those disposable plastic blue razors (probably personna or gillette) and some of that green colored edge shaving gel that turns into foam. No one had taught me how to shave (I didn't have much hair) and the first time I shaved, I found myself with the biggest case of razor burn I've gotten to date.

I moved on to a DE razor a few weeks after, and a no.6 brush with arko a year later.
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