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Do you remember when you started shaving and what you used?

Early to mid 90's, with the original twin blade Gillette Sensor combined with Edge Gel, if memory serves.
Ha i don't even remember... senior in high school? Just stubble nothing fancy... used a Gillette mach 3 or a schick.

So after 15 years I discovered DE shaving

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:yesnod: LOL

I was blessed or cursed with the ability to grow hair...about my only talent.
LOL... I'm sure you're exaggerating, about no other talent I mean, but for me too, the times have changed since I was that 15 year boy with some "fuzz".

You starting this thread made me think. Funny that I can't quite recall any brands from those first weeks and months.
Like I said, I recall butterfly style razor, that I think was adjustable, and for sure no canned cream was used in our house, cream mostly came in a tube and brush had wooden handle, that's about all I can remember.
I started around 1984; Bic single blade disposables followed by Gillette Good News.
I switched to the Gillette Sensor around 1990 or so.
Over the years, I experimented with various electric razors- none lasted long or impressed me.
I went DE in 2011 but still use disposables or a Mach 3 for travel
My dad always used Mennen Skin Bracer, and I did too for a while. For many years now, I've used Mennen Afta which helps keep my face moisturized, and some variety of cologne dabbed on my chest. I've never used an alum block or witch hazel, which I didn't even know was a "thing" until I found this forum. I rarely cut myself, and almost never get irritation or ingrown hairs, so I guess I don't need them.
Hey another Afta fan... I use it too. Good stuff! Smells great!
Whatever 2 blade cart was around in about 1983. I taught myself to shave basically. I was 15 and didn't live at home. I remembered my mom telling me her dad was a barber and to always shave upwards so I did.
Around 1979 or 1980 I started shaving using whatever was available and cheap (BIC disposables, Gillette Good News disposables, and even remember having a cartridge briefly (Trac 2 maybe?). That all ended in the fall of 1983 when I discovered the Gillette Tech. It's been DE ever since, though my shaves got even better in 2014 when I began using a brush instead of the can.
Dad taught me how to shave in 1977 with his 1955 Gillette Flare Tip, Spoiler blade, and Gillette Lemon/Lime Foamy SC. I was 12 and only had to shave once a week to control the peach fuzz.


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Around 1984. My mom came back from the store with a bag of those orange and white Bic disposables and a can of Barbasol. And then I cut the heck outta my face.
Probably started around 77 or 79, and no idea what I started with? Remember some kind of cartridge head that slide on and didn't pivot. Folks got my brother and I Norelco electrics at some point during high school, but by college age we both had too tough of beards for electric.

So Atra and Noxzema shaving cream until the Atra got hard to get, then fusion and edge gel up to starting DE and wet recently.

I was 13 in the mid 90's. I joined JROTC in High School and my father (being an Army man himself) told me I needed to shave. So with minimal explanation he handed me a single blade, yellow, BIC disposable razor and goo in a can. I proceeded to then cut the ever loving crap out of my face. Despite the bad feeling I continued to shave my face because, well, my father told me to.

I started when I was about fourteen so that would be '74-'75. I was using one of those blue disposable Gillette Good News razors but I don't remember if it was twin blade or not (I think so). Canned stuff, either "Edge Gel" if it was out then, or Gillette "Foamy", one or the other. Braun Foil head rechargeable shaving in the car on the way to work in my mid-twenties. Then a Sensor Excel in the shower until I took up traditional DE shaving in the spring of 2013. The first DE I bought was a Muhle R89. I've since moved on but that was a nice razor.


Ike was still President.

I was always the baby faced kid in my classes so shaving was a once every week or so event; but dad did start me off by first learning to lather and then using just my fingers to determine hair growth directions. Once he felt I had the basics down he gave me one of his Super Speeds; first with no blades just to teach me angles and a light hand, and then with Gillette Blue Blades.

It was actually a piece of cake.
Mid-60s. Gillette TTO, Schick injector and canned lather. DE blades were probably Wilkinson or Gillette; injector blades were Schick. Basically whatever was available at the base and post exchanges on Okinawa at the time.
I started bi-weekly or weekly shaves in late high school, around 1976. Used canned foam and a Gillette Trac II.


In the late 60s I started with one of my Dad's old Slims. Unfortunately, I lost my way and moved to carts shortly after.
It was at the tender age of 16 - not long after I left school in June 1986

My Grandad (85 years old at the time) gave me an open packet of Wilkinson Sword Retractor razors and said that he couldn't get on with them, but I might be able to use them when I start shaving.
Later I overheard him saying to my Dad that he reckoned that whoever invented those things should be made to shave with them 3 times a day

I looked more closely, one of the razors was gunked up from what looked like a week's use, but the rest were brand new and untouched.
The next day I bought a can of Gillette Lemon & Lime shaving foam and had my first ever shave.
My Dad had told me on numerous occasions not to shave I absolutely had to because as soon as I started shaving, it would grow back twice as thick and twice as fast, but unperturbed, I lathered up and shaved.
There wasn't much to take off, mainly peach fuzz with dark colored peach fuzz around my chin and on my top lip, but I felt like a million dollars afterwards - I'd started shaving, so I was a man !!

Not long afterwards I bought a cheap Boots own brand battery shaver and hardly ever bothered wet shaving again for nearly 2 years.
I started shaving in 1980 with a Gillette Fat Boy my dad gave me and a can of Noxzema.

In 2000 I added a Merkur 34c in my "collection" cause I forgot to take the fb with me on a trip to Germany.

That's what I have always used (I prefer the 34c) as far as razors go.

I still use canned foam daily too (Noxzema yellow or Barbasol or Figaro)

When the ridiculous flying bans started I started using Bic metals when traveling by plane.
I don't exactly remember my first shave, or what I used. But, by inference and memory triggers, I can get close. It was probably a Gillette SS Flare tip and Gillette Foamy shaving cream.
Mid 1970s. Schick Adjustable from a blister pack bought in a discount store, with a twin injector blade (oddly, you couldn't find a single injector blade locally), and Gillette Foamy. Aftershave might have been Old Spice or it might have been Skin Bracer. The shaving cream and aftershave was my father's. Bought my own after I started shaving more frequently, and, of course, Brut, the scent of the 1970s. Yes, still have that razor.
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